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12 December 2023

Time for gifts

It is time for gifts. Time to choose them with care 🙂

Christmas is approaching and we are plunging into that magical atmosphere of joy and sharing.
We are pleased to present a series of gifts that have the power to bring both joy and healing.

Choosing your gift here you will know it can reach far and transform a life. An example?

Brian, a child with severe burns was in Pabbo Health Center yesterday. Babies and toddlers often happen to get dangerously too close to kitchen fire, which is so fascinating for them. An ambulance from Lacor Hospital immediately picked him up and took him to the hospital’s ever-open emergency room for initial treatment.

Your gift will do this, too: pay for gasoline for the ambulance, bandages for little Brian, Vaseline to soften wounds, relieve pain and ease treatment.

Choose a gift in solidarity, a gift that is good for you, for the recipient, and for someone 3,000 miles away who needs it far more. Choose a gift from the Corti Foundation for Lacor Hospital.

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