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What we do

Our approach

The Corti Foundation’s goal is to enable Lacor Hospital to pursue its mission: “to provide the best possible care, to the greatest number of people and at the lowest cost.”

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Efficiency and effectiveness

Lacor Hospital’s goal is to ensure the best possible care, to the greatest number of people and at the lowest cost. Especially to the most needy, women, children, the indigent, and those suffering from chronic diseases. Even free of charge, if the sufferer is unable to pay. Hospital fees, however, do not exceed 25 percent of the actual cost of treatment.

The sick person first

The Foundation is committed to ensuring the continuity of the hospital’s operation, financially supports the daily operations, which are essential to respond to real local priorities, the health needs of the poorest population.

Local development

Alongside care is the training of local staff, because “Africanizing does not mean quickly preparing and replacing a white person with a black person, but it means working together over a long period.” Today the doctors, nurses, head nurses, and technicians are Ugandan, as is the hospital’s management, totaling more than 700 employees.

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Monitoring and planning

The Foundation holds two seats on the hospital’s board of directors, participates in the quality control committee and the board’s financial control committee. It is thus able to ensure compliance with the mission, collaborate in setting the hospital’s strategic directions and financial and quality control protocols.

Conditions for support

  • effective adherence to the strategies defined by the hospital to meet the health needs of the population as outlined in Lacor’s five-year Strategic Plan;
  • verification of quantitative and qualitative results achieved;
  • audits by an international auditing firm.

Features of support

  • Promote access to care for the most disadvantaged through highly subsidized or symbolic “co-payments” for the weak (childbirth, children) and exemption for identified indigents;
  • ensure that a significant portion of disbursements prioritize current expenses;
  • disburse funds on the basis of the conditions listed above and verification of results.

This vision of development aid permeates every activity of the Foundation and has anticipated the “best practices” indicated by the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

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