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Our history

The Corti Foundation and its support for Lacor Hospital has grown over time. Its history began in 1993 thanks to the foresight of Piero Corti and Lucille Teasdale, who were aware of the importance of creating an organization that could continue their work after them.


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  • 1993

    To give strength and continuity to their dream, Piero and Lucille set up a foundation with the goal of ensuring a future for Lacor Hospital, the Ugandan hospital to which they have dedicated their lives, by supporting it with funds and expertise.

  • 2003

    Upon Piero’s death, his daughter Dominique Atim assumes the presidency of the Corti Foundation. The first employee is hired. In 2004 Piero and Lucille are awarded the Gold Medal of Civil Merit of the Italian Republic in memory.

  • 2013

    The social return on investment (SROI) of Lacor Hospital is measured for the first time. The study did not consider the value produced by the provision of care and training as this is invaluable. Apart from that, one Euro donated to Lacor produces almost three times the direct, indirect and induced monetary benefit to the community.

  • 2023

    In recent years, the Corti Foundation has proven to be a key support, without which the explosion of structure costs due to new emergencies-Covid, Ebola, economic and climate crisis-would not have been possible.

Lacor Hospital
The history of the Corti Foundation is firmly intertwined with that of Lacor Hospital.
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