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About us

The Corti Foundation

We inherited Piero and Lucille Corti’s dream: “to ensure the best possible care, to the greatest number of people, at the lowest cost.”

The Corti Foundation aims to provide financial and technical support to St. Mary’s Hospital Lacor, one of the largest nonprofit hospitals in equatorial Africa, also known as Lacor Hospital.

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The Corti Foundation was established in 1993 by doctors Piero Corti and Lucille Teasdale to ensure the future of Lacor, the hospital they have managed and developed since 1961. Thanks to Piero and Lucille’s dedication, Lacor, from a small missionary hospital, has become an important provider of care for a vast region in the heart of Africa, defying wars and epidemics, as well as structural, economic and personnel shortages.

“It is said that in Africa it is easier to build a hospital than to get the funds to develop it and make it last.”

Piero Corti

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The Corti Foundation is the largest supporter of the hospital and its goal is to help it remain in operation as efficiently as possible, without interruption and for the benefit of the weaker segments of the population.
President of the Corti Foundation is Piero and Lucille’s daughter, Dominique Atim Corti.

Dominique, through her constant search for funds, assets and expertise, continues to make possible the goal to which her parents have dedicated their entire lives: to ensure that the Ugandan people have a hospital that is accessible to all and that they can build their own tomorrow.

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Why the Foundation is so special

Lacor Hospital was already a large and deep-rooted reality when Piero and Lucille created the Foundation that bears their name and that today is made up of a team of professionals and volunteers, a synergy that is indispensable for making Lacor known and sustained. Dedicating ourselves to a single project, already existing and developed, is what distinguishes and characterizes us: the Foundation exists exclusively for Lacor.
The work of the Corti Foundation is only possible thanks to the solidarity and generosity of donors from Italy and abroad: private citizens, families, groups of friends, companies and grant-making foundations.
In the last 30 years alone, St. Mary’s Hospital Lacor has assisted 7 million people.
Your support, too, can become a cure and a future for so many sick people.

The Foundation

We are a foundation, but we like to consider ourselves a family.
A big family, who resides in Italy, but has its heart in Uganda.

  • Governance

    We are a Foundation, but we like to think of ourselves as a family. A large family based in Milan, but with our hearts in Uganda.
  • Partner

    To provide as much support as possible to Lacor Hospital, the Corti Foundation is flanked by several partners.
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