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Experiences at Lacor

The help from voluntary medical or nursing staff is still precious, respecting the autonomy of Lacor’s operators and their workload, often unimaginable for us.

Even students and trainees have the opportunity to undergo a training period in Uganda.

We have chosen to establish certain parameters to allow a positive and fruitful experience for both the volunteer and the hospital.

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The presence of volunteer staff is a valuable resource only if their skills can be integrated into a working environment vastly different from the Western context, and it implies a very high cost. Just the act of driving Lacor’s vehicle across Uganda to pick up and drop off a visitor at the airport, providing them with food and accommodation for a month, costs approximately as much as the salary of a locally hired nursing assistant for 8-10 months!


A fundamental requirement for spending a volunteering period at Lacor is to have a very good command of English.

Eligible candidates are individuals engaged in a profession beneficial to the hospital: doctors, nurses, other healthcare professionals, engineers, technicians, economic-administrative professionals, etc.

Volunteers should possess skills and experiences that enable them to become quickly self-sufficient in daily activities.

Availability to commit to a minimum period of 2 months (for postgraduates and recent graduates, 5 months is recommended).



Are you a student?

The opportunity to have an experience in Uganda is not limited to qualified doctors but is also open to students in the fields of medicine/nursing/midwifery starting from the fourth year onwards. This way, you will have the chance to enhance your educational background with an experience alongside students from the Gulu University School of Medicine (GUSM) within the corridors of Lacor Hospital.

Before submitting your application, we invite you to read these documents:

If, after careful consideration, you believe you possess the required qualifications and wish to put your professionalism at the service of Lacor, contact us. We would be happy to meet you!

For study or internship experiences, we only welcome those willing to cover all expenses.

If you are already a qualified doctor, these include mandatory registration with the Ugandan professional board, a process that takes three months and costs $400.

A great way to make your volunteering experience sustainable is to involve family, friends, and colleagues in a fundraising event for the Foundation.

In the history of Lacor, volunteers have been crucial in advancing the hospital’s activities day after day.
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For any doubts, don’t hesitate to write to:


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