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Lacor Hospital

In northern Uganda, there is a hospital that represents the only hope of healing and salvation for millions of people: it is Lacor Hospital, a facility capable of receiving and treating an average of 200,000 patients each year. A great many of them are children and women, those most affected by poverty and malnutrition.

At Lacor, everyone is treated, even those who cannot afford to contribute.

In a country where more than half the population lives in extreme poverty, getting treatment is often difficult, if not impossible.
Lacor Hospital’s mission is to ensure treatment and medical care for the most vulnerable without discrimination based on gender, race, social status, religion or political affiliation.

Lacor costs more than six million euros a year, an amount mostly covered by foreign donations. A share also comes from those patients who can afford to contribute to the expenses with a mostly symbolic or highly subsidized amount.

It is among the largest nonprofit hospitals in equatorial Africa.

Established as a small missionary hospital in 1959, in more than 60 years of operation, thanks to the far-sighted management by husband and wife Piero and Lucille Corti, Lacor Hospital is now a point of reference for the 750,000 inhabitants of neighboring districts, but many come here seeking treatment and care from all over northern Uganda and beyond.

Lacor provides specialized care in medicine, surgery, pediatrics and obstetrics-gynecology to thousands of patients on a daily basis.
On average, it cares for 600 people every day on an outpatient basis and the same number on the wards.
It has 554 beds (including those located in the 3 Peripheral Health Centers), located within a radius of more than 50 km from the hospital.

In the year 2021/22, the hospital (including Peripheral Health Centers) treated 208,424 patients of whom 25% were children and 55% were women. The proportion of women and children accounted for 80% of patients.

Allow Lacor Hospital to open its doors every day to those who need help.

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