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A life for Lacor Hospital

More than a legacy, a brother

A medical graduate, Dominique Atim Corti, now president of the Corti Foundation, followed in her father’s footsteps, realizing early on that Lacor did not need doctors, but those who would continue to raise funds to support it and ensure its mission.

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“My name is Dominique Atim Corti: I was born in northern Uganda, at Lacor Hospital in Gulu, now among the largest and best-equipped nonprofit hospitals in Equatorial Africa.

Lacor, for me, is much more than a hospital: it is a brother.
It was a small thirty-bed hospital in the middle of the savannah when, sixty years ago, my parents took it under their wings.

Since then it has grown into a citadel of health that, with three suburban health centers, welcomes more than 200,000 patients each year and sees more than 8,000 babies born.

In 1993, the Corti Foundation was born, which accompanies and supports Lacor with resources and expertise so that the hospital continues to offer care especially to the most fragile.

The happy Uganda of my childhood suffered decades of economic meltdown and conflict. The hospital faced extreme poverty, epidemics, thousands of children crowding the courtyards every night seeking refuge. In the midst of all this, Mom and Dad stood firm at the helm of their hospital, for many decades the only guarantee of care for millions.

Now the war is over, Ebola is a bad memory and we have faced Covid, but my brother and I, together with the Corti Foundation, have a new challenge: to continue to ensure health and development for one of the most vulnerable populations on the planet.

A challenge we ask you to take up with us. By also becoming part of our story.”

Dominique’s story is told in a documentary made by the Canadian Teasdale Foundation, a preview of which can be seen here.

The future of the hospital is in our hands. Become part of our story, too.

Dominique Corti

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