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We are a Foundation, but we like to think of ourselves as a family. A large family based in Milan, but with our hearts in Uganda.

Our Governance:

Collegio di indirizzo is the body responsible for approving and guiding, in accordance with the statutory purposes, the objectives and programs of the Foundation, verifying the overall results of its management.

Consiglio di Amministrazione has all the powers of ordinary and extraordinary administration of the Foundation, respecting the general guidelines set by the Steering Committee.

Organo di controllo oversees compliance with the law and the statute, as well as the adherence to principles of proper administration.

Comitato investimenti supports the Board of Directors in economic planning related to the activities of the Foundation.


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Collegio di indirizzo: Dominique Corti (Presidente), Mario Vismara (Vice Presidente), Piergiuseppe Agostoni, Enrico Citterio, Cristina Corti, Donato Greco, Fr. Daniele Giusti, Mario Valenti, Guido Coppadoro, Contardo Vergani.

Consiglio di Amministrazione: Dominique Corti (Presidente), Mario Vismara (Vice Presidente), Enrico Citterio, Donato Greco, Mario Valenti, Guido Coppadoro, Contardo Vergani e Laura Suardi.

Organo di controllo: Sergio Vaglieri (Presidente), Simona Ruzzenenti, Roberto Moro Visconti.

Comitato Investimenti: Mario Vismara, Mario Valenti, Alfredo Nizzotti, Enrico Citterio

Revisore legale: Simone Pesce


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